Raining Feet Natural Health Clinic

So here we are..

This is my first ever official blog. Not something I ever thought I would be doing.. but I can see it is going to be quite addictive. Whilst this is primarily a Raining Feet blog, I have no doubt that it will creep into other areas of my life, or rather, other areas of my life will creep into ‘it’. Careful editing will be the key to avoiding embarrassing mistakes methinks.

I am relaunching Raining Feet in Worthing and really pretty excited about it. Currently doing a course in Aromatherapy and feel incredibly inspired by the books I am reading. Having been interested in Aromatherapy since er.. the mid-90’s, my books are somewhat battered but there is nothing quite like reading a book from a different perspective. I now am able to create ‘blends’ with a little more knowledge and cannot wait for the time when I can create my lotions and potions, for my family, clients and THE WORLD!! (Evil laugh ensuing)… (mind you.. can’t think of anything much nicer than the world being taken over by Aromatherapy, can you? At least it will smell nice).  Talking of smells, the waft of sausage and mash (and not just any sausage and mash – but sausage and mash cooked by a French Man. And a chef at that!) is coming up the stairs and so I think I shall do the polite thing and go and eat as much as I can bear.

Welcome to the new blog of Raining Feet and I hope you enjoy it’s progress as much as it’s author!


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