Raining Feet Natural Health Clinic

Still Raining

A busy and wet week so far. Have been enjoying using acupressure as a method to help relieve shoulder and neck pain that is such a common complaint. Was slightly sceptical in the beginning but I must admit that results are pretty instantaneous with regards to freeing locked muscle fibres that combined, can pull bones out of their natural alignments. Whether it’s a longterm solution I am yet to discover, having not used it often within my massages to date. I think one of the galling factors of being a massage therapist, is wishing you could do more to alleviate the discomfort and tightness that your clients suffer, but without further training you are not going to learn the advanced techniques such as trigger point and myofascial release massage that are supposed to help reduce the amount of referrals made to osteopaths and the like. Look forward to learning more about them in due course.

Have been enjoying using ingredients from me kitchen cupboard to make face masks and body scrubs. Honey mixed with tumeric is great for acne prone skin – it doesn’t dye your skin honest! or maybe that’s why I have been getting even more strange looks than usual on the school run! – and a vegetable oil (almond, olive etc) mixed with oatmeal and sea salt is another cheap option for exfoliating – especially when combined with a couple of essential oils for a scrumptiously added smelly bonus. Won’t be left with anything to eat at this rate…

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