Raining Feet Natural Health Clinic

Following on from my last post


Raining Feet’s new home, Heene Gallery, 106 Heene Road, Worthing, BN11 4PN.

Since setting up at Heene Gallery, I have been fortunate enough to have some lovely clients come my way. The majority have been for massage with the odd one for reflexology. I find that massage is the more popular of the therapies that I offer and because I tend to specialise in back, shoulder and neck pain, I find that I get repeat clientele because of this. I shall be writing an article on how I treat clients for these complaints and with which therapies I get the most success, in my next blog.

Here is a picture of the room before my first client. As I am sharing the room with another therapist I am slightly restricted as to how radically I change the decor but I think it is nonetheless a lovely space.


So along with welcoming new clients I have also had a lovely experience facilitating my first Reiki share. This all came about as a result of a query from a chap who wanted to know if I held Reiki shares. My email in response to him was ‘No, I am afraid I don’t’ but as I wrote it I started to question as to why I didn’t. I could. Couldn’t I? I may not be a Reiki master/teacher but I have practiced Reiki for over 5 years now, I have a space I can squeeze people into.. I could provide herbal tea! Twinkly lights.. candles… some incense or essential oils.. we could do a guided meditation.. the excitement became so much that I immediately typed it down in my email and within two months it became a reality. It was great, I nervously welcomed in 5 people whom I had never met before and whom I had managed to ‘recruit’ via HealthyPages, my website, my Reiki teacher to be and a poster on the door at Heene Gallery. We had different levels of Reiki and this included two master/teachers amongst us. After a guided meditation we decided collectively to have five of us treat the one person laying on the couch. It was quite an experience. It initially felt a bit strange, having five people standing around you laying their hands at various positions around your body. However, after the first few minutes, I welcomed the different sensations as they moved to the next point. My crown and third eye chakra felt an incredible amount of energy pouring into it. By the end of the evening we all felt immensely relaxed and the general feeling was that of being cared for and nurtured. And you know what? In a society which can be hostile, to feel those emotions deep down in your core and which are caused by complete strangers, is something incredibly special.

I am in the process of writing manuals for workshops that I will be holding at the end of the year and in the New Year. There will be a Learn to Massage workshop and Reiki 1 workshop. I am really looking forward to imparting the knowledge and information I have learned over the years regarding these different methods of healing. I shall post more information about this and the fantastic Reiki course I have just done, in the very near future.

Until then.. good night!


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