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Dr Who? An Insight into Fertility

So I thought I knew quite a lot about the human body and about which parts did what. I have even been lovingly (ok, mockingly) referred to by friends and family as Dr Petit (previously aka Dr Dickson, Dr Barrett-Dickson – a very long story) and my husband will often direct our children my way in the aftermath of a bloody incident with the words “go and see The Doctor”. Personally I think that a long stint as a medical secretary in various units in various hospitals coupled with a short stint as a healthcare assistant and linked with a history of being a complementary therapist does gives me the absolute right to question GPs/Professors/Midwives with “Don’t you know who I am??” when I doubt their diagnoses but hey ho… apparently not.

So despite being a Dr (Who?) it was with great excitement that I learned more about the reproductive systems in both men and women when I went on an absolutely amazing course last weekend in the very nice and posh Thistle Hotel in Kensington. The course was Part 1 in Reproflexology which is taught by Barbara Scott, the lovely and talented woman behind Seren Natural Fertility based in Nottingham and Wales www.serennaturalfertility.co.uk.  Barbara has been a reflexologist for many years and has been perfecting the techniques that she teaches today for the past twenty. Normally a reflexologist is warned away from treating couples who are trying to conceive once they start any form of infertility treatments (ICSI, IUI and IVF) and rightly so in that the general routine that a reflexologist performs on a client is one that promotes homeostasis (balance) within the body’s systems helping the body to function as it should. By this I mean lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, easing stress, removing toxins etc. However in a woman who is hoping to conceive and whose hormones and reproductive organs aren’t behaving quite as they should be, to balance these areas when she is receiving medication and treatment would be to contradict the messages that her body is being given by those medicines. Thus dis-integrated medicine as opposed to integrated.

What Barbara has managed to do is develop techniques over these years that not only ensure the right areas of the foot correlating with the parts of the body are stimulated or sedated (thereby sending the right messages to the relevant body part) but she also teaches that working in harmony with orthodox medical treatments can and does bring success to those trying to conceive.

By sedating and stimulating these various reflex points at the correct stages in relation to the woman’s menstrual cycle; by having an understanding about sperm, its production and what effects the motility, the formation, the amount,  how it should behave and what a healthy test result looks like as opposed to an unhealthy one; by recognising that each woman has a very different cycle and not the rigid 28 day cycle that most general practitioners will base their tests and knowledge on and around; by asking the woman to chart her cycles, educating if necessary, about her body so that she begins to have a more intuitive understanding about it; by working with both partners in the couple from the very beginning, gathering information about their lifestyles, nutrition and being a source of support in what can be a very taxing time for them both.. by doing all of these things and much more, the reflexologist can help promote  their general well being and their chances of fertility. Of course there is the caveat that there are no guarantees but if you are in a position to be able to utilise the help of a reproflexologist then by jove, I think you should!

Now a final word to those cynics out there. How do we know whether or not reflexology can work when the only evidence is anecdotal? If science has not found any nerve endings within the foot that correspond to the nerve endings of the various systems, organs and parts within the body, how can it be possible to have an effect on them by stimulating a reflex point on the hand/foot/face? How indeed. I don’t know, but it does work. There are many unexplained things in this world and maybe day by day science will slowly uncover the truth in a way that we humans are happy to accept it.

For those who would like to watch a fascinating video by Alexander Tsiaras (a mathematician/professor of medicine and scientist) on how a foetus develops from the moment of conception to the time it is born, listen to the part where he describes this development as ‘divinity’. There are no mathematical models that can explain how the rate of development can be so rapid or can work in the way that it does. So, in our bodies and minds, there are elements that completely baffle and bewilder scientists, mathematicians and medics.  Why then, are we so loathe to believe that reflexology/reiki/crystal healing/homeopathy.. you name it, can  and does work?

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